[Ebook] ➤ Practical Landscape Painting : Materials, Technique & Projects Par David Hollis – Manifest-money.info

Practical Landscape Painting : Materials, Technique & Projects Watercolour Is Such A Rewarding Medium For The Artist That It S Well Worth Mastering It Offers Both Portability And Gorgeous, Rich, Mutable Colours This Is The Perfect Introduction For Anyone Who S Thought About Painting In Watercolour But Isn T Sure Where To Start Unintimidating And Accessible, It Will Help You To Get The Pictures In Your Head Onto The Page Without Losing Anything In The TranslationDavid Hollis Qualified As An Architect In As Part Of The Design Process, David Used Watercolours To Present Sketch Ideas After Taking Early Retirement, He Continued As An Artist Selling Watercolours Of Landscapes Through A Number Of Galleries And Teaching Adult Education

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