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Lessons of Evil WHAT PSYCHOLOGIST LAURA COVINGTON LEARNS IS UNIMAGINABLE WHAT SHE DOES IS UNPRECEDENTEDPortland, Oregon, Respected Psychologist LAURA COVINGTON Makes The Life Changing Decision To Give Up Her Cushy Corporate Job And Devote Herself To Community Mental Health She Desires A Needier, Grittier Case Load, And Does She Ever Get It She Could Never Have Anticipated The Destructive Secrets She Exposes At Her New Job In The Oregon DesertLaura S Private Life Changes As Radically As Her Professional Life She Has Envisioned Herself Free To Do As She Will But When She Moves, It Is Not Alone She Must Take Along Her Barracuda Of A Mother, Too Fragile After A Fall To Continue Living Alone In Addition, Laura Inherits A Troubled Child From A Former Client Becoming A Mother At Forty Was The Last Thing On Her Mind Well Maybe It Wasn T As Big A Surprise As The Romance That Walks Smack Into Her HeartAt Community Mental Health, Her New Clients Are Nearer Society S Bottom Rungs Than Her Old Corporate Clientele S Issues With Rage Management Or Alcohol Abuse There S The Schizophrenic Diaper Man And The Lad Who Lives With Vampirism And Woodrow In His Aluminum Cone Hat Fending Off Aliens Her New Boss Is Almost As Hard To Understand As Her Clients, And Meets Laura With An Antagonism That She Doesn T UnderstandOne Of Her New Clients Is So Traumatized He Has Than One Personality With Which He Faces The World Through Him, Laura Becomes Convinced That, Behind The Scenes, A Psychopath Posing As Head Of A Cult Is Actually Using Mental And Physical Torture To Create An Army Of Troubled Souls That Responds To His Every Wish Laura Fights Back, As Ethically As She Knows How But The Tension And Terror Escalate When Those She Loves Are Threatened, Tortured Or Murdered Laura Comes Face To Face With How Far She Is Willing To Go To Protect Her Own

About the Author: Linda B. Myers

I won my first creative contest in the sixth grade for my Clean Up Fix Up Paint Up Week poster After a career in advertising in Chicago, I traded in my snow boots for rain boots and moved to the Pacific Northwest I am a coffee addict and am pushed around by my Maltese, Dotty I write a monthly humor column for a home town paper, Sequim Gazette.My newest novel is historical fiction set on the 1890s Oregon coast In FOG COAST RUNAWAY, a young girl finds hardened loggers, sailors and wagtails less formidable than the family she must outrun LESSONS OF EVIL was my first novel and will soon be edited and updated as CREATION OF MADNESS If I can figure out how to delete the old version I will FUN HOUSE CHRONICLES introduces a group of quirky characters who meet in a nursing home It led to my mystery series about PI Bear Jacobs and gang Yes they are old but they are smart, engaged, solve dark crimes and stand tall on their canes and walkers I call these series cozies with bite I am working on a fourth in the series.In SECRETS OF THE BIG ISLAND, a cold case erupts in a tranquil Hawaiian village This leads to chilling suspense amid hot tropical nights.THE SLIGHTLY ALTERED HISTORY OF CASCADIA is a fantasy in which a spirit must figure out how the gods screwed up in the creation of humans and fix it This is a funny quest, a fantasy for grown ups As long as you keep liking my stories, I ll keep telling them Thanks for stopping by Linda

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    Pretty good Of course, when I first started the book I didn t like it, because I used to work in Community Mental Health and thought some facts and perspectives were off As I read on, realizing on a deeper level that this was the 80 s, I let go a little and enjoyed the story Very good plot, excellent twists, and some likeable and chilling characters There was a lot I did not see coming, and other things I did figure out, but the author m

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    Write a book description that mentions psychology, cults and suspense and you ll probably have, at the very least, piqued my interest.This book is set in Oregon in 1989 Laura Covington is a psychologist who has given up private practice to join a community mental health unit, moving from a city to a small town with her mother and 5 year old Wade, who she became guardian of when a client died.Her new clients range from the slightly odd to the ser

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    The author sent me this book about 18 months ago and I tossed it into the pile as just another thriller with an uninspired cover Okay, that may have been a mistakeThis was an awesome suspense thriller There s some tough topics in here dealing with child abuse, but it s not excessive for the reader There is a lot of information about cults as well as Multiple Personality Disorder and I found that stuff really interesting it really added to my understandi

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    A disturbing d but novel by Linda Myers.Based around a cluster of multiple personality patients this story raises interesting and worrying questions about the influence of cults in our society.Tense and surprisingly hard to put down, I was trapped in this book from the start Not to say I read it in one sitting The subject and the writing is intense and I needed some breaks from the emotional stress Now, a week after I finished reading Lessons of Evil , it is st

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    This was a fascinating thriller withtwists and turns than a NASCAR race It took me a while to really get into it as the author had to develop a lot of characters and some aspects of psychology that most of us are unfamiliar with.As the story progressed I found myselfandsympathetic with not only the positive but also the negative characters It was easy to identify with not only Dr Covington and her family but the quirkly mental patients took on endearing characteristics

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    This chilling novel has an easy to empathize with main character with believable family members and friends and an intriguing description of Multiple Personality Disorder and how a psychologist might work with clients with horrific abuse backgrounds The story darkens as it describes the realities of human evil and the purposeful abuse of innocents The author writes with both humor and warmth about a mental health setting in the 1980 s and with a steady and clear description of

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    A great book about situational ethics and the mysteries of human psychology Featuring a number of well developed, strong female characters, this book was a satisfying read.It was so incredibly tense and evocative that I had to stop myself from reading this fascinating novel too close to bedtime if I wanted to get to sleep I don t usually read books like this, but it was so compelling Note that at the end of Lessons of Evil there is a preview of Linda B Myer s newest novel, Fun House C

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    This book deals with scary themes the side of good has to fight very hard And does it win Maybe There is humor when you most need it gag me with a spoon but mostly a heart thumping adventure.

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    This book wasn t so bad And it built up as it went along.

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    implausible story of a cult leader who intentionally abuses children in order for them to split into multiple personalities and the psychologist who takes on the leader and his victims.

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